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Charming Notion 01-03-2007 02:07 PM

is idina menzel naturally curly...?
i put this here because of lack of better posting place...but anyway! i'm a huge fan of idina menzel, and was wondering is she was naturally curly. she wore it curly in the film and broadway version of rent...but i see her with it straight alot. and in the wicked photos, although she has long black hair, i think she's wearing wigs because she goes from a slicked back side braid to loose curls, etc. anyway, here's a pic from the movie rent;;
here's one from the stage production;;
[[she's the one in the catsuit]]
here's one from wicked;;
last one, i promise. her on red carpet;;

also, i have about the same length as the one in the film production of rent, and if anyone can give me tips on how to achieve idina's style, please tell me :).

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