does anyone want to buy a full 8 oz bottle of CURL KEEPER from CURLY HAIR SOLUTIONS??

the other day i ordered an 8 oz bottle of Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions. It says it is a total control for frizzy hair. It looks like this:
Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper -'s CurlMart

Tons of people love this stuff because they say it gets rid of their frizz completely and gives them amazing curls. however, after ordering it, i realized i actually don't have as much frizz as i thought i did haha. i tried it twice anyway (i did not use too much at all) and i realized it did not do much for the frizz i do have. i helps make my curls more chunkier and less stringy, but it didn't get rid of frizz that much for me. however, as i said, many curly girls swear by it. it woul dprobs be good to use for second day hair too but i don't need anything new for 2nd day hair. it just isn't a product i necessarily need. im not saying its a bad product.
the bottle is nearly full! and there is plenty in it. i like how it is a serum like substance but watery and clean also. it is CG btw.

i bought it for $15.50 and i will sell it for $10. is anyone interested? i really do not want it to go to waste!
You're probably better off putting this post on the swap board - a whole forum devoted to swapping/selling/buying products with/from other curlies. I can't link it since I'm on my phone, but go out to the main CurlTalk page and scroll down almost to the bottom. You should see the swap boards link there.

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