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You've given some great advice to others about what they should be putting on their hair, now I have a question. Recently, I bought the Avalon Organics Botanicals Nourishing Lavender s+c at my natural foods store for my husband to help him out with his scalp itching and flaking problem that he was getting from my Pantene Color Revival s+c. Thinking I might benefit from using a more natural s+c also, I tried the Avalon, and my hair feels AWFUL - dry, dull, and the conditioner didn't conditioner worth squat either. A few years ago, also with my color-treated, 2C-3A hair, I used that combo, and it was fine! Maybe they changed the formula?? Anyhow, are there any reasonably priced natural foods store shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for color-treated hair, or do I have to stick with chemically-based commercial stuff? No high-end recs please, as I'm on a strict budget. I also tried Aubrey Organics JAY shampoo awhile back(really wanted to like it, but it left my hair feeling both coated, dry and dull)along with the GPB conditioner - tried to like that too, thinking I was doing something nice for myself by going "all natural", but didn't like that conditioner either. It left my hair soft, but with no shine, and I found in general with the natural food store shampoos that I had to shampoo MORE often as it seemed that my hair got dirtier more quickly.
Now when I use my Pantene combo, my hair looks and feels great, more conditioned and shiny, and more volume, and it doesn't bother my scalp either. But my hair is not heavily bleached - it was naturally a soft black with grey, and I use a permanent medium copper brown color which looks great with my coloring. Maybe I'm the rare bird whose curly hair LIKES artificial ingredients?
Thoughts? Thanks!
I'm not HWHC, but Avalon Organics reformulated all but their blue bottles (organic-organics) and added cyclopentasiloxane to them. That ingred is probably what's causing the Pantene flaking too because it's a silicone/buildup-y ingredient.

If you are looking for organic options for haircare, their twin brand, Alba Botanicals has a nice Hawaiian Mango Moisturizing Hair Conditioner (smells like flavored sugar in powder sticks) that's quite nice. Also, Nature's Gate Jojoba, Aloe, and Hemp conditioners are quite nice. Many love-love Trader Joe's conditioners, but I don't find them color safe like the Alba and NG ones.

I tried a bunch of Aubrey Organics conditioners and was sadly, sadly disappointed. Tons of buildup, despite the ingredients looking water soluble.

Are the corresponding Nature's Gate shampoos as good as the conditioners you mention?
Are the corresponding Nature's Gate shampoos as good as the conditioners you mention?
Originally Posted by cara4curls
They are quite nice. They aren't super-gentle but quite moderate compared to drugstore or even most salon brands.
I'm not HWHC either, but....The other problem is, if you've been using Pantene a lot lately, you're used to the coating of waxes and cones, and using any other kind of product is gonna make you think that you're not getting conditioned b/c you don't have that "slip" feeling that the cones and waxes gave your hair.

Pantene makes your hair look great, but it's this horrible cycle. The shampoos dry out your hair, and the conditioners totally coat your hair, but nothing is really moisturizing your hair.

Over time you'll notice in the shower that your hair feels dry, and if you try to use any other products, you'll swear that your hair feels worse than when you were on Pantene. The real reason is b/c your hair is REALLY dry, and the Pantene is masking that.
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Actually it's my husband who was having the scalp problem not me, but when I went over to the Avalon products, just once, it showed up. My scalp is so screwed up right now!
So what do I do about really dry hair if not using Pantene, without spending a fortune? No high-end recs please! And no, letting my color grow out is not an option right now.
If I keep using something like Avalon or Nature's Gate, will my hair get any better over time, even though it is colored?
bumping my thread up! I'd love some more input - TIA!

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