How do I get the look?

I cut my hair about a year ago, and as it has grown out, I've been able to keep it somewhat tame, but I still feel like it isn't doing what I want it to do. When I cut it, I had in mind a fuller, smoother look, but instead it is just incredibly dry and frizzy a lot of the time, and the mixed curl pattern (3c/borderline 4a on top, increasingly 3c underneath that, 3b below that) makes it so that my hair is constantly tangled together. I'm trying to figure out how to get my hair to go from what it is now to what I want it to look like (I've included a picture of both).

Can anyone help?
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When you got it cut, did you go to a hairdresser that really knows curly hair? For me, that has made a big difference as I grow my hair out. For me, the back of my hair tends to grow much quicker than the sides....really irritating!! She only cuts it here and there as necessary so I don't lose any length.
TiaSimone, good point!

Blue, if you don't know of a great stylist in your area you can find a curly hair expert here!
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You are beautiful!
I think your hair looks just beautiful! Looks like what you want is volume. The person with the best volume tips I've seen is Taren916 on youtube. Personally my hair doesn't look that great when its big, and I have a lot of volume, so usually I try to weigh it down. But if you want volume I'd follow her tips.

For curl definition try this: Curly Primer Scroll down to where it says "DEFINE"

For the volume here is Taren's routine: basically she adds just a little product so her hair isn't weighed down and she diffuses it, flipping her hair over when its almost dry. Video: YouTube - ‪taren916's Channel‬‏
I think your curls are absolutely beautiful! All you need now is a good cut, by someone who really KNOWS curly hair. It looks like you have some "stairsteps" going on, and need the layers to be more gradual, that's all. But your curls are gorgeous and defined. I wish mine were like that!
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