hair products for biracial daughter

HELP! we have tried everything. she has super tight curls but her hair is soft, comes to her shoulders dry but when wet..much longer. Any product recommendations? Her hair gets VERY poofy and she refuses to wear it down, she always puts it in a ponytail..which I don't think is helping at all. I think it is ruining her hair and is what is causing part of the "poofiness"(as she says) I love her curls and want her to love then too and show off her beautiful hair! HELP! :
Hi Willow! I have tight, soft curls - maybe even tighter than your daughters. Check out my Fotki album - There are product reviews there
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Also, you may get more responses if you post in the 4A, 3C, and Parents of Curlies forums as well.

I LOVE Blended Beauty products. They are specially formulated for biracial-multiracial-afro curly hair. You can e-mail the owner for a product recommendation. I would probably say Blended Cutie Down and Out Styles and Blended Cutie Jelly Cream. The site also has really good styling suggestions under Curly Hair Tips.

If you go to Curlmart, there are also several other lines for curly kids, but I haven't tried them. makes a product called CurlyQ's Milkshake that is getting rave reviews from 3Cs and 4As too.

If you have any ??, feel free to pm me. Also you can pm Vivasmom, she's a mommy on this site with a curly girl, and she always has great advice.[/url]
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Willow, have you checked out the forum for Parents of Curlies? You may find some good suggestions there.

How old is your daughter? If she is small, I don't think it's bad to wear her hair in a pony or braids or twists, as kids get very impatient with knots.

If she's a teen, she may be getting a lot of peer pressure that good hair is straight hair. (Which happens to curly teens of all ethicities, for sure!)

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