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I am a newbie here and I just started using these Jessicurl products over the last few days: Hair Cleansing Cream, Aloeba Conditioner, Too Shea, and Rockin' Ringlets. I need some help!

Before this, I was using Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner, and the Confixor gel. I think the Confixor has a cone in it, and all three have protein in them. I suspected that I might be sensitive to the protein, as my hair--especially the canopy--seemed a bit straw-like. However, I was getting some nice chunky spiraly curls near my face and under the canopy.

So, the last few days I've been experimenting with the Jessicurl products. Here is what I'm finding:

- My hair is not making the same nice, chunky spirals that it was with the Aveda products. It is "wavy" not "curly." And the pieces are smaller, if you know what I mean. Today I have a couple of thin pieces near my face that are driving me crazy.

- When wet, my hair is not getting the nice slippery feeling and detangling with the Jessicurl.

- My hair looks "wet" after air-drying, even after scrunching out the crunch.

- On the plus side, my canopy looks more like a part of the rest of my hair.

Does this mean that the Jessicurl products are not right for me?

Should I give it more time?

Should I go back to the Aveda?

Any suggestions for products without protein that might work better for me?

Thanks for your help! (My hair is shoulder-length, probably 2b-3A.)
I can't get JC stylers to work for me either. They make my hair oily and pull out my curl. I want to like them since they do so well for some but my hair doesn't do well no matter how much or little I use.

Sorry I wasn't more help but at least you know you're not alone
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Likewise. For some reason my hair didn't clump as well as I like it to with Jessicurl. It still looks fine on it, just not the way I prefer it to look. I think if Aveda was working for you then keep with it. I know that a lot of girls on here get great results with Jessicurl but some of us don't. Ah well, what are you gonna do, right?
I would not go back to the Aveda if your hair is protein sensitive. RR worked only ok in my hair, and it also gave me much skinnier curls than I like. Since the conditioners didn't work for you either, I suspect your hair doesn't like all the oils. I would try other cone/protein free products. Devacurl One Condition is a popular conditioner that's protein and cone free. It's pretty moisturizing and gives good slip. Devacurl also makes two gels - Angell, which has a very light hold, and ArcAngell, which has a medium/strong hold. Other popular gels are Aura hypoallergenic (from Sally's) and the three Herbal Essences gels. I'm sure other people will have more suggestions, but that's all I can think of right now.
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I use Jessicurl and while I have heard others say the Rockin Ringlets gives skinnier curls, I don't seem to have that trouble. However I do add in a bit of Confident Coils over the top of it and maybe that's why. I use the HCC everyday and then the Gentle Lather Shampoo about once a week to week and half. I also use the Too Shea everyday. That stuff is awesome! I get slippage with it and it detangles ok but I think you have to use a little more than a normal conditioner. I comb it through while in the shower and then rinse out. While my hair is still wet, I take 2 quarter size puddles of RR and scrunch in and comb through. Then I take a dime sized puddle of Confident Coils and scrunch in and finger style. I can't say about the air-drying thing because I diffuse. Jessicurl is definitely an experimental product. You have to keep playing with the amounts until you find the right amount that works for you. Once I figured mine out, I get nice soft curls that still keep their shape without being super stiff and no frizz.
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I have not tried Jessicurl yet but I would recommend u switch up ur shampoo and condish, or use urs less often to prevent oil overload. I've used Aveda's Retexurizing gel (cone free, but has proteins), and really liked it. The RR might just not be enough hold for you, so you could put a gel over it to provide better clumping. I've also found that if I rake product thru my hair, as Jessi demonstrates, I wind up w/ skinnier, less defines curls. I first smooth product over my canopy, and then scrunch the rest in (all w/ head upside down for root definition and volume).

I would give ur products a little more time b-4 u give up, because sometimes ur hair freaks out when u stop using silicones on it, and it takes a couple weeks for it to transition. I know mine went thru a very fuzzy and stringy stage. Now, thankfully it is shinier and less frizzy then it has ever been.
Greencurls - I also have 2b/3a hair.
I love Jessicurl in the summer. I use all her stuff , HCC, Too Shea, RR, CCS and AIS. It's works great on my hair in humid weather.

But I've found that I need more conditioning and curl enhancing when the weather is drier. Today I used Devacurl no-poo, One C. Also put another drop of OneC for a leave-in. Scrunched upside down, scrunched a couple of times with microfiber cloth. Added big squeeze of ArcAngell.
Plopped with t shirt.

Nice - soft, chubby curls. No crunch.

So stash that Jessicurl away for the winter and try something more moisturizing and curl enhancing! HTH.
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Another possibility is to keep the cleanser and conditioner, but experiment with different stylers. Jessicurl styling products are unique and not always easy to figure out. Personally, I use Gelebration daily, but I use it as a curl enhancer under whatever styler I'm using.
Here's my take on the products I've tried:

Aloeba: like you said, it doesn't give that seaweedy feeling and no matter how much I put in my hair, it seems to absorb it straight away. It doesn't detangle too great and doesn't feel very conditoning. BUT when I do use it and put up with hard brushing, it does give my soft and shiney hair once it's dry. I can't use it too much in a row or the oils start to disagree with my hair.

Too shea!: despite being richer than aloeba, it too didnt feel really thick and creamy in my hair, and seemed to melt into my hair, but it was too conditioning for my hair and left it soft and fluffy. I keep it as a deep treatement.

Weekly Deep Treatement: even more moisturising than the Too Shea! It left me with very poofy soft fluffy hair. My hair just can't handle the moisture.

Confident Coils: HORRIBLE stringy, sticky, frizzy, disgusting curls. It made my hair feel producty, look really bad and didn't encourage curl.

Gelebration spray: didn't really do much at all. a no-goer.

Awe Inspiraling Spray: same as confident coils, dried out my hair, made it frizzy, and sticky.

So out of all that - I do like the Aloeba and use it maybe half the time and use Aussie 3MM the other half the time. I've gotten used to the fact that it doesn't feel creamy and conditioner-like in my hair but accept that it does still condition hair and make it very healthy. Everything else didn't agree with my hair.

Try using each product in isolation with other products you know that work.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback!

I've used various Aveda products for over 20 years, so using something different feels a bit scary to me! The Aveda Sap Moss stuff I was using before is quite CG friendly. It did seem to make my hair feel a bit greasy if I didn't shampoo every day. The one cone in the Confixor is a PEG one, so I think that means it is water-soluable. Maybe if I go back to them, I can better observe how my hair behaves in comparison to the Jessicurl.

Today I used the Jessicurl HCC and TS, but no gel of any kind. My hair is still a bit wet, but so far I have the usual curls. However, some strands of hair seem to be poking up by themselves. Does that count as frizz?

I hear that Aveda has a whole line of Be Curly products now. They all contain wheat protein. If I can figure out if I'm sensitive to protein or not, then I can figure out if they are an option for me. I have tried the Be Curly styling cream, and it did make my hair curlier.
The usual way to find out that your hair is protein-sensitive is that when you first use a product it works wonderfully, but after you keep using it for a few days it stops working, and your hair feels rough and dry. Some people can use products with proteins if they are rinsed out, but have problems with products that stay in the hair, like leave-ins or stylers.
Today I decided to just get my hair wet, and not apply any products. It looks like most of the curl has fallen out of my hair! Plus, there is some weird frizz that I don't usually have. What's going on with my hair?

The reason I just rinsed today is because I am so used to the shampoo-condition routine that I've been applying conditioner every day, and shampooing every other day. I forgot that CG calls for just getting your hair wet some days.

Dang, I think I'm gonna have to redo my hair with an ACV rinse and go back to my Aveda!

I have noticed with the Jessicurl that my hair is softer and more flexible. It moves more. What does that mean, I wonder? But my hair has also felt more weighed down and stringy.

I'm so confused!
I did the ACV rinse, and then used the Aveda products. I did it all upside down under the faucet. And guess what? My curls are back and going curl crazy! Yay! My hair looks like it's about 2 inches shorter, because of the curls!

So I guess I will check out the Swap Board. Maybe I should keep the Too Shea to use as a deep conditioner maybe once a month or so? What do you think?
Too Shea makes a great deep conditioner. The Jessicurl WDT overconditions my hair, and I prefer Too Shea.
I just have to comment that I LOVE Jessicurl products. I order some of them by the gallon!

Aloeba is a great conditioner for me. I can get weighed down with too much conditioner, and this one is just right.

Hair Cleansing Cream. It leaves a yucky ring in my bathtub, but gives me very soft and clean hair. I love it.

Confident Coils - this is the ONLY styler I can use (and I have tried a ton of gels and creams this year). It's the only one that doesn't make my hair feel product-y. It has nice hold, without any crunch. I never want to be without it. I use it all year long.

Too Shea and Weekly Deep Treatment - I buy these in smaller sizes because I use them both as deep treatments.

Those are my faves. I don't like:

Rocking Ringlets - makes my hair feel product-y

Awe Inspiraling Spray - again, makes my hair feel too product-y

Everyone is different I guess. The swap board is a good place to set your unloved products free.

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