How often should you trim your curly hair?

Help! I love my color stylist have been going to her for years but she is “scissor happy”. I fight with her all the time about cutting my hair. I get color every 5 weeks & have not let her cut it the last 4 times (I did let her cut some layers into it) & it is finally growing (middle of my back) & looks fabulous. My question: she says it needs to be trimmed every time I color because curly hair gets split ends, but my ends are not split (I condition like crazy & use a split end serum) How often do I need to get my hair trimmed? Seriously I think she is afraid of losing the hair cut money, if I didn’t love the way she colored my hair I wouldn’t even go to her.
If the ends of your hair are healthy and you like the length/shape of your hair, a trim is unnecessary. Personally I would be really annoyed that she is being so pushy and would try to find someone else to color my hair. But that's me... !
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I have only cut my hair a few times over the last few years. If the ends look good and you dont need a trim to keep the style shaped up then I wouldnt do it
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I could probably take a nice vacation with all the money I've saved by not going to a stylist for my hair over the last twenty years. My daughter does my trims (maybe 2 or 3 x year) taking just the tiniest bits off. I am completely frustrated by hair salons and their lack of curly hair knowledge.Do you have a friend you can trust to give you a tiny trim now and then?
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I get my hair colored every 5 weeks, and I get it trimmed every third through fifth time. My hair guy just does it when the hair needs it. He did say that if I wanted to grow it out, it'd be a lot harder to do if I got it trimmed every time I had it colored. If the ends look fine, I'd leave it.
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I get my hair coloured every 4 weeks and get it trimmed every second visit. My hair's a few inches past my shoulders at it's longest, shorter round my face and I find it starts looking ratty if I leave it longer between cuts. I think if you've longer hair and the ends aren't splitting you could go much longer than that.
I got a cut tonight.....the stylist suggested I get a trim every 6 months
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell
Thanks guys you're the best!! I knew I wasn't crazy!!
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