Using curlers to straighten hair-damaging?????

Hi, and I'm 3b-3c I've been CG since May and haven't flat ironed my hair since then. I think I've used a blowdryer/diffuser on my hair twice since basically I air dry everyday and my hair is pretty healthy.

My question is, "Is it damaging to your hair to put big rollers in it and let it air dry so that you have soft big curls?"

I used to do that back in the day and it always turned out nice without heat styling.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

My question is, "Is it damaging to your hair to put big rollers in it and let it air dry so that you have soft big curls?"
Originally Posted by RunDivaRun
I think it would matter what type of curlers your are using... I mean, are they heated? Pronged? God forbid they are the tangly velcro curlers my mom used to put in my hair when I was little...
If you were using really really big, non-abrasive velvet rollers with no heat, that would probably be ok and not damaging to your hair.
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I think it would also depend on how tight you rolled them.

Any time you force the hair to do something it doesn't want to you, you are adding some stress.. whether its mild or severe.

The less you force it the better, but I do think you'll be fine with the rollers if you use nice ones and don't roll them up to tight.

Let them dry naturally too..
Thanks ladies...I am just trying to find different ways to style my hair without using sulfates silicones or heat. I am being very kind to my hair,but...and I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but I am getting kinda bored having the same hairstyle day in day out. I love fashion, makeup, and hair so sometimes I just feel a bit stifled that I can't do very much to it for the fear of damaging it. Don't get me wrong I love my curly hair and curly hair in general, but the whole having just one look thing is kinda killing me.

And what's with every curly hair updo I look up having girls with naturally straight hair that's curled...ughhh!!!

Jewel-my rollers are not heated but they are the Velcro type....yikes! Since I haven't done anything to my hair since I went CG I forgot how bad those are for you. I'll be giving those away and getting some that are non-abrasive.

Susie-I'd definitely dry naturally since I don't even ever use a diffuser on my hair now. I will see if I can put my hair in rollers gently and if my hair doesn't look very good that way I can always scrap that style idea.

Thanks for the tips, and if you have any hairstyle ideas you'd like to share I'd be happy to see them!
I think if you used large rollers and set your hair and then set under
A hooded dryer it should work, you don't have to put it on high heat and since it is not direct heat it should not be as bad for your hair. After you sit and your hair is mostly dry then take the rollers out and then wrap your hair around your own head and then wrap saran wrap around it sit a little longer under the dryer. Release hair and style. There is a video on youtube of mahoganycurls doing this technique on her hair which is 3c. She is on the naturallycurly channel. If I find the link I will post it.

I also know that you don't want to damage your hair which I don't think this will, put a little heat protector on it.

You should be able to do your hair in different styles, do what works for you and makes you happy. I know a healthy head is great but a healthy head with a "bored with it" owner is no good.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Mizz Kiki! You're words are very helpful. I'll have to check that YouTube video you are talking about. Do you know of any good heat protectors? Any good big rollers? I have one but it a pre CG product I own and I'm almost positive it has silicone in it which if it does I'll need to get rid of.

On a good note...I was at a restaurant today and I was complimented for my curls! It just keeps reminding me of why I'm doing this.

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