Perm with super large rollers...

My hair's wavy. Borderline to curls. I hate relaxers and they never work on my hair. All they do is make a weird curl pattern in my hair and damage it.

I was wondering if I could perm my hair with HUGE rollers to make is straightish. I don't mind a little bit of wave, but I really want straighter hair. Would it work? And where the heck can I find 2 or 3 inch perm rods?
Have you thought about doing a Brazilian Keratin Treatment? There's a forum here for that if you are interested.
Sort of CG sometimes, but not really
2B, medium? normal porosity and elasticity?

Cleansers -
Suave Clarifying, Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful

Stylers - BRHG, re:coil, Ion Hairspray

I live in the NYC area.

Those cost WAYYYY too much money and don't last very long. They also aren't permanent... If I got a perm it would only cost a few dollars, and is permanent. But the Brazilian thing is a hundred dollars or usually more and only lasts four months AT MOST.
Perm solutions are usually not strong enough to break enough of the hair bonds to straighten natural curl permanently.

That's why hair relaxers were created.. a stronger version of a perm solution.

You might get results with what you've described, but I'm guessing your curl will come back in a few weeks, likely less than the BBlowout.

Be very aware, too, just how dangerous the BB is if you are considering it.
OK, I'm totally not getting the Brazillian thing. I asked my mom [retired hairstylist] about the perm and she said it wouldn't work. :X I guess I'll have to save up for a Thermal Straightening.

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