Hi fellow curly girls! I have just joined the Resistance (thrown out the blow dryer and the comb...so glad to have found this board as my husband is REALLY sick of talking about hair).

My hair is curly and nice except for one hank - an old chin length bang that is growing out on one side. It has a bit of wave, but just hangs there. It isn't long enough to pull back, and if I pincurl it while it is wet, I can get the last few inches to curl (wildly, in a corkscrew) but the first few inches are tough to curl. So what I get is a corkscrew hanging in front of my face, separate from the rest of my hair, instead of something that waves all along its shaft that integrates with the rest of my hair.

This is actually true for the first few inches of hair that come out of my head in general...pretty straight. The pinning techniques in "Curly Girl" don't really get to the BASE of my hair...or am I doing it wrong? I curl around a fingertip down to the base and clip.

Thanks to anyone with "bad" bangs that has solved this!