Good products for sensitive skin/scalp?

As I age, it seems that my scalp is becoming more sensitive, and I am developing more allergies. I have always had problems with Jessicurl products (even the frangrance-free ones) and Aveda, but now I can't use Devacurl, Re:coil, or most Ouidad products. My hairline and everywhere my hair touches just breaks out horribly. Considering that my hair is past my collarbone when curly, this is a big problem.

For the Devacurl products and re:coil the problem is the chamomile extract (I'm allergic to ragweed and they are related). The same is true for Ouidad's CC gel, which has been a consistent favorite of mine. There is also a preservative in several Ouidad products (the CQ line and the Boost line), as well as in re:coil that makes my skin break out. I can still use the Balancing Rinse and DT, which is a relief.

This has really put me in a bind for wearing my hair curly. I need a gel and a moisturizing shampoo (sulfates and some cones don't bother me) that won't cause breakouts. My hair is fine 2b/3a. I need a gel with some hold, but I HATE crunch. The re:coil/angell combo worked great, as does the Ouidad CC, except for my breakout problem.

As for shampoo the Ouidad CQ worked fine except for the breakouts, so something similar would be great.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you tried Magick Botanicals gel? In spite of the name, the product line contains no botanicals, or fragrances, and the formulations are very simple. This is a medium-hold gel that is a favorite of many.

These are the ingredients:

PVP-K30, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polyquaternium 10, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA,Fragrance Free

There are other hair care products too.

They also make body care products and cleaning products.
Have you tried the Aura Hypo-allergenic gel? It's available at Sally's for $5.
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I love Aura, but it's really not hypoallergenic, just fragrance-free. It does contain some botanical extracts.
I should have mentioned that propylene glycol is a big frizz-inducer for my hair. I have to have it in the bottom halk of the ingredient list, if at all. Too bad, because that sounded like a good option.

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