flaky scalp

My scalp is all flaky and has been for some time now. How can I tell if it is dry, dandruff, or just product buildup? Before I started cg (this is day 2 only!), I was using burts bees grapefruit and sugar beet s&c and giovanni triple treat s&c and a v05 spray to protect my hair from heat styling. I'm pretty sure the v05 spray (miracle mist) has cones in it so it could be buildup.
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did you clarify first? It is best to start with a clean slate just to get rid of any build up. have you gotten the CG book? It is a great resource and could help with your scalp issues.
I didn't clarify - do you have any suggestions for brands to use or should I just use a recipe from the book? I do have the book and have read through it numerous times.
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When I did CG my scalp was terrible. Someone on here recommended Tea Tree Oil. It works and got rid of the flakes. If you still have flakes after clarifying you could try that.
I think you have to use a shampoo to make sure you get all of the cones, wax, and build up out. You could try vo5 kiwi and lime clarifying shampoo, or suave daily clarifying shampoo. I don't have the book on hand, I lent it to a friend, but I think it says to massage your scalp really well, and it says how to wash each part of your head. Then finish with condtioner and other styling products. Make sure you check the ingredients so that you will not have any build up. I really like vo5 kiwi lime condtioner as a CO wash, it makes my hair feel clean, you might consider it. Are you products CG? If not they might be the cause of your build up. Did you have flakes before CG? I have also learned that ACV rinses are great for your hair and restore it's PH level, it also helps your scalp heal.
Yes I had flakes for a long time before I started.

I'm using Herbal Essences gel and Giovanni triple treat (tea tree) conditioner so I believe they are cg. Maybe the acv will work, if not I will try a clarifying shampoo. I'm just not looking forward to clarifying b/c my hair is already looking better w/out shampoo.

For tea tree oil - do you mix it in your conditioner or apply it directly to the scalp?
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you could try "lemon-aid" or ACV rinse instead of shampoo, just make sure that it clean, and free of any product. You don't have to shampoo, it just needs to be clarified. But don't do everything in one day (lemon, ACV, shampoo) or you will really really dry out you scalp. Try one thing only. And I would continue with ACV rinse like 1 a week, I can't remember how often the book says. As for the tea tree oil, massage it onto the scalp. It is not gonna be cured over night, you just have to give it some time, CG has tremendously helped my scalp issues.
Thank you so much! I'm going to start with acv or lemonaid and work towards shampoo if I really need it. You have been so helpful!
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no problem, that's what we are all here for, many people on here have helped me too!!

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