Can someone help me with my hair type???

Hey everyone, I'm new here but thats not the point lol. I need someone to maybe help me classify my hair. I read the criteria for each hair type and i think i'm somewhere between 3 and 3c i think :/

Here are some pics of my hair.

i apologize for the quality
photo-4.jpg picture by Jazzy92795 - Photobucket

photo-2-1.jpg picture by Jazzy92795 - Photobucket

photo-3-1.jpg picture by Jazzy92795 - Photobucket
It looks like you could be a 3a, but from the quality of the pictures, it's hard to tell.
last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
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