curly and nothing is working

I don't know what to do
I tried the baking soda/ vinegar rinse and my hair turned orange and even more porous than before. i can't use anything with glycerin or alcohol. I prefer not to use cones (at all) as they make my face break out and they DO weight down the hair. No parabens (methyl, etc) because they are bad for you. Aubry Organics makes my hair too weighed down and proteins make my hair feel like straw. I have very fine hair and its 3b curly with a little 3 c on the top. I am using Giovanni right now as its the only one working "decently". I have to use a sulfate shampoo to get the buildup off. I seem to be in a cycle and am tired of my hair clumping an tangling and falling out in bunches. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Please help!! (I am also a firm believer that I don;t have to spend more than 10-15$ on hair products. I know oils supposedly work and what did they do back in the olden days? Spend $25 on Phytologie products, etc? I don't think so)
Even though I tried cowashing only multiple times, my scalp still gets horrible build-up and even with a sulfate free shampoo, I experience build-up problems once in a while. So I "have" to use a sulfate shampoo aswell. The only thing I try in order to use less is trying to stretch the time between washes (either with sulfate or sulfate-free shampoo).
I also can't afford products that are expensive, but I guess for an oil treatment you could just use olive oil as a deep treatment and then rinse it out. I believe here are some recipes that include olive oil and are for softening and strenghtening the hair.
Another thing that helped my hair being less straw-like was not using heat on it at all. I don't know if you let your hair air-dry, but if you normally blow dry it, try going heat-free for some time; I kind of saw a big improvement on my hair (less dryness, frizz and tangles)...
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If you're wanting to avoid parabans, it might be difficult to spend less than $10-15 just because so many cheaper/drugstore products contain them.

You may need to try different kinds of proteins. My hair reacted to protein at first, so I thought I was just protein-sensitive, but I just wasn't using them the right way. I use IAgirl's gelatin protein treatment once a week.

Any other products or methods you've tried? Maybe it's not a product issue but the fact that you might need a new method.
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