Success with Ouidad!

Well my Ouidad products came in- I've finally decided to stop straightening my hair and have been wearing it curly all week! It's looking great, i've gotten so many compliments and I can get ready faster in the morning. I've had great hair everyday this week!!!!
The Tame Line---I tried the quench line in the past, but it was too much for my hair-The tame line works great, but I still don't like the tress fx, but i love the climate control gel.

I'm happy they are working for you. My hair loves Ouidad products.
yes....thank you so much PinkSugar for your previous advice and suggestions on these products, I'm loving them!
My hair always looks its best when I use Ouidad products. I'm glad that they are working for you!
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density

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