Jessicurl-- any way to neutralize the scent?

I've gotten such great advice reading this site, so I had to ask this.

I just ordered/received a Jessicurl rich trial pack, and that island fantasy scent is just wayyyy too strong for me. Unfortunately, the styling products are all island fantasy-- so I can't rinse the smell away and I feel like I reek of coconut.

Usually, that product smell goes away, but this is still going strong 24 hours later. I want to give Jessicurl a fair try, but I don't think I can handle this scent again. I know it is a favorite of many people; makes me wonder if I got a bad batch!

The smell is just so strong; is there anything I can do that will deaden it down some?!
Jessicurl also comes in unscented for future reference. I'm very sensitive to fragrance (asthma) and don't think the Island Fantasy is all that strong. Sounds as though you got a bad batch.
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I just got my Island fantasy in the mail and I think it is the BEST smelling stuff EVER! And I have the nose of a bloodhound (which can be really irritating at times - especially to my husband since I'm always asking "what is that smell?")
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I don't like Island Fantasy all that much. It smells like oily suntan lotion to me. I can use it, because i don't think it lingers (not on me anyway), but I MUCH prefer Citrus Lavendar.
I was suprised that I didnt like Island Fantasy after hearing everyone rant and rave about it on here> I love coconut (pina colada is my favourite cocktail) and i love fruity scents but I.F. smelt really fake - like when you get kids toys that come with 'scents', like the My Little Pony's did. It smelt really fake, articial and waaayyyyyy too strong for me. I have no advice to neturalise it though. Try it when you have a cold and blocked nose! (And I buy her stuff unscented.)

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Thanks, I'm glad it's not just me. I guess I'll just chalk this one up to being glad I was able to order trial sizes and not full bottles! I'm not usually that bothered by scented items, but Island Fantasy just overwhelmed me. I love the Citrus Lavender. To each her own!

LOL about using it when I have a cold and My Little Pony.

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