Drug store moisturizing leave-in

im looking for a good moisturizing leave in. Preferably something i can buy at a drug store (and kinda cheap) and not online. i have 3c type hair and live in fl. Any ideas please help!!! thank you
the only cg one i know is kinky curly knot today from target kinda expensive 12 dollars for 8 ounces...if not cg (silicone/sulfate free) then there are lots sallys has beyond the zone leave ins that ive heard good things about and there is aussie, garnier and more look on the drugstore website good luck
Giovanni leave in ive heard is really good, its about 8 bucks though.
A bit less than the Kinky Curly Knot Today
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2B/2C hair!

Shampoo: GTTT, SheaMoisture
Condish Tresemme naturals, GFTN
DT: Lustrasilk + honey
Styling products: Ouidad CC, TIGI Catwalk, KCCC, PaulMitchell Sculpting Foam
Oils: Coconut
Giovanni Direct Leave In is excellent IME.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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I agree w/ Giovanni Direct Leave In, it's really good. I ran out and used Giovanni Smooth as Silk (a rinse-out) as my leave in today, and I am loving my hair using it this way too.
I totally agree with the Giovanni recommendation. I would also recommend Live Clean leave ins if they are available near you. You can often find them on sale for $5, they are cone free, and work really well.
co-wash: exact vanilla
rinse out: tresseme naturals
leave-in: giovanni direct leave-in
stylers: kccc + he totally twisted mousse + coconut oil to sotc

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