More respect?

Hi everyone, i'm new =]

I just had to post a topic because theres something thats been annoying me lately. I never used to wear my hair straight until I just decided to on a whim...and I noticed people seem to show me a lot more respect. I hate that!!! People have given me so much crap about my curly hair (although some people love it) and I just found it incredibly annoying that people suddenly decide to actually not treat me like im stupid!
anyone get this?
okay end of rant.
I haven't noticed getting more respect before, huh. I do get lots and lots of comments though, I guess because it is a surprise for people to see straight hair on a curly head!
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Yes, that's a frustrating thing about curly hair. There is an unfortunate perception that straight hair is more professional, more fashionable, more polished...Well, tough. My hair is curly, get over it.
Being professional is way overrated.

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If your hair is curly, if you're halfway attractive, if you have bigger than a B cup.... then CLEARLY you are a complete idiot incapable of performing the simplest tasks.

Yup, I've been there too. I just tell myself that they're jealous and leave it at that. Not everyone can have gorgeous curls like us girls.
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