hey everyone! ive been reading everything on here for a few days but i finally joined.

i think i have a mixture of 2b/2c/3a. my hair is really thick and is very poofy when i air dry it. i currently use garnier fructis fortifying shampoo and conditioner but i think it's time to switch to products made to help dry, curly, thick hair.

im looking for any suggestions of new shampoos and conditioners. ive been looking at tresemme's and dove's moisture lines. do using moisturizing shampoo AND conditioner make a difference? or could i get away with using a regular shampoo and a really good conditioner?

also (sorry this is so long), do you have any suggestions for gels/mousses to use for scrunching? i need something with firm hold and that can battle humidity, as i live in florida.

any help is appreciated!
thank you!