Feather Hair Extensions?

Hi curlies! Has anyone heard of these new feather hair extensions? I think they look really neat but I'm not sure how they'd work with curly hair. It says they can be washed, curled, blow dried and will last up to 4 months. I use gel and scrunch it in and then plop after washing my hair. I'm afraid the gel and scrunching will just ruin the feathers and make them look horrible. Has anyone tried these with any success?
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Gel: Deva Arc AnGel

Techniques: pineapple
There is already a thread on this:

I think it would look fine on curly hair, but I probably wouldn't get them because the roosters are raised and then euthanized just for the feathers.
Feather hair extensions are long feathers added to someone's hair to get the stylist look. Usually, the feathers are real and the synthetic ones are rarely.Choose your desired spot to place the feathers. To hide the crimp bead, you can try putting the extension under layers of hair.
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I've had mine in since June and I lov ethem. I had only seen them on straight-haired girls but I didn't care I knew I'd make them work. YOu can curl them, wash them, just avoid oils on the feathers. I do not curl mine, they kind of follow the natural pattern of my hair and curl/wave on their own. Give them a try!

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Low-poo/Clarifiers: ACV rinses
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