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Bliss 01-06-2007 09:34 PM

CG scalp woes...question
Ive been CG'ing for maybe 2 weeks now...never ever had any problems with my scalp before (always used a sulfate shampoo every other day). Why is it my scalp is now itchy, and at the moment, feels like its sunburned?

For the first week I used the low-poo on my scalp a few times and only used the Deva one c on the length. Then this week Ive just been using suave on my scalp----I dont think its an allergy b/c there isnt anything in the Suave Im allergic to

Should I go back to sulfate shampoos and just use the CG-safe styling products? I just dont want to create a problem with my scalp when I never had one before

Kurlee 01-06-2007 10:57 PM

Have you been massaging your scalp a lot?
My scalp hurt/burnt sometimes from massaging it so much as CG required.

In the CH book it said that as the scalp heals it can itch. I am not sure if that was was ever my case though. I have never had a problem with my scalp on sulphates either.

You can also try that sugar scrub as is talked about in the CG book. Put some sugar in your conditioner an rub the scalp with.

My scalp actually itches more as it gets oily.

So I would suggest trying different stuff and see what helps you.

CottonCandy 01-07-2007 01:59 AM

Unfortunately my scalp can't handle rigid CG, so I periodically shampoo, sometimes just my scalp. You may consider decreasing the frequency you shampoo, and when you do, simply dilute the shampoo with water and concentrate on your scalp only; and cover your ends with conditioner during this process. Those squeeze bottles with the spout (that you use for hair color) are great for this. You can purchase empty ones cheaply at beauty supply stores.

edited to add: the purpose of the squeeze bottle is to directly apply your diluted shampoo mix to the scalp. I wasn't sure if that meaning came through or not... :wink:

lunarising 01-07-2007 08:26 AM

When I initially started CG my scalp and hair loved it, but after about 3 months I had patches of very bad flaking and itchiness. It took a lot of trial and error to work out that what caused mine was leaving in most of the second dose of conditioner.

Now I rinse it out completely then use a leave in and my scalp is happy again :)

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