mousse or gel?

not sure if this should be in products or here
i have wavy hair that is tail bone length.
which would be better, HE totally twisted mousse or gel? i have the mousse and i like it a lot. i use it with leave in curl and shine by fructis. the gel has me curious because it said ''for scruching''. also ''air dry'' usually gels weigh [sp]my hair down. i have a coupon or HE. it gives me an excuse to try another product LOL. what do you think?
you can try it, but if the mousse is working well you might want to stick with that. Like you said, gel might weigh your hair down more and also you might have to use more gel on your hair because it is so long. If you have a coupon, you might as well try it...
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i read also HE toatally twisted said ''light weight''.
Totally Twisted is fairly lightweight and has a soft hold. I think the only way to find out if it will work for you is to try it.

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