Solution to curly front and wavy/straight back

i love my curls, but i could never figure out how to deal with the fact that there was 3a/b on the front and sides, but wavy, almost straight hair in the back! it would always look odd, especially if the sides shrunk up alot.
So today, i tried not turning my head upside down to scrunch, no plopping, and i had the greatest results! It blends so much better! I thought plopping and everything would help, but it didn't do crap to the back, it only made the sides curlier.
I used AG shampoo, condish, and the recoil all over, and just gel in the back to get some hold. the only thing that might be wrong with this routine with it is that i had less volume, but that doesnt bother me.

How do you deal with straighter areas in your hair? Id love to hear what else you can do.
Wow, same thing happens to me but i have 3c in the back and 3a/b in the front is really suck specially when u can get the style u want.

I am here:,-84.249433

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