where to store jojoba oil?

Do you put it in the fridge? I notice it's hardened kinda like coconut oil and I was just wondering where it's best to be stored.

I keep mine at room temperature. Stays nice and liquidy. I've never heard about putting it in the fridge? Is it supposed to make it last longer that way?
3b/c normally, 3a/b in the winter

and it's stable? doesn't become rancid too quickly? that's the only reason i was thinking of keeping it in the fridge.
It is stable. It doesn't have any smell, and it's still clear, and it's been on the counter for almost a year. Here's a link with some information: http://www.answers.com/topic/jojoba-oil The fourth paragraph down says that "It does not oxidize or become rancid and does not break down under high temperatures and pressures."
3b/c normally, 3a/b in the winter

I always kept mine in room temperautre too and nothing happened to it. I don't have it any more now though, so I don't remember what brand I used. Maybe they are different some how.

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