overnight plopping = NOT sexy!!

Does this worry anyone else? I want to give overnight plopping a go or maybe use a silk bonnet but i'm a newly wed and don't want to frighten off my husband just yet... i think he'll wonder what the hec he married if i jump into bed one night with an old T-shirt wrapped around my head! Hee hee
Just go to bed after he does!

Overnight plopping doesn't work for me but I never worried what I looked like...we're an old married couple!
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Worry. No way am I coming to bed with my gorgeous younger lover with a soggy, ratty t-shirt plastered to my head. I do a modified plop instead: let my hair air dry 1/2 way, then gather very loosely in a band on top of my head (pineapple) but accordion the ends down (plop) and secure to top of my head with 2 large bobby pins. Sleep on silk pillow case. It looks kind of cute, like an updo, & my sweetie thinks it's cute -- not scary.
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i plop overnite in a pretty purple microfiber turban. my husband likes it just fine, and at least my hair is not getting in his eyes!! I've got a couple of plopping and pineapple pics in my fall 2006 album--the turban plop is on page 2. i'd say the best time to get your husband accustomed to weirdness is in the early days when you're madly in love and give each other a lot of slack, plus you can increase the quantity of great sex and he will not complain about a turban or towel in your hair, trust me on this one
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I tried overnight plopping once, and it didn't work out at all. The t-shirt came untied halfway through the night, and my hair looked like a kinky frizzy mess the next morning.

Soooooo... I don't really worry about that, no! Though I wish I could!
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he he... thank for your replies!! I'll have a go at the pineapple and booby pin idea.. does sound cute! Banjocurl... i see your point
OK, banjo, now I have to explain why I'm cackling in my cube. And it's your fault. It was the thought of enticing my SO with more hot sex....while wearing my microfiber turban with the duckies on it. ROFT. Definitely a lights off kind of event.
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No, I don't worry about this. Overnite plopping doesn't even work for me-Once I woke up with weird shaped curls that weren't even curls. and they were stuck to different parts of my head! Now THAT was NOT sexy! So ever since then, I never attempted that again.
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