Mildew in my Hair?!-- Please Help!!

I have big problems with smells too. I don't have asthma thankfully. So what do you use for cleaning around the house? Borax?
I have had a hard time finding "kind" stuff here. (I guess I should look at that link/page but it would still be interesting to hear what you use.)
Originally Posted by Kurlee
I'm a big fan of OxyClean (basically hydrogen peroxide) for things you'd normally use bleach for. Borax on carpets for controlling dust mites/fleas when I lived in a warmer damp climate; now for cleaning toilets & tubs, & with laundry. And I like the Bio-Kleen natural brand a lot for laundry & dish soap. Very concentrated, & no overwhelming scents. Easy to find too.
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Oh. I have read about vinegar and baking soda but I don't like the smell of vinegar, except in my salad or cooking, and baking soda doesn't remove stains like bleach does on contertops, clothes, etc. so that's what I would like to find a substitute for.*

Thanks for the tip about making sprays with the oils to use in the shower because I do have TTO and that's one of the key ingredients in the product I'm using now for the a/c and shower. I will certainly look up other recipes from now on, it's worth the effort!

*CelticCurls, so does the OxyClean really work? Please let me know because then I'll certainly buy some. I will keep the borax and Bio-Kleen in mind too next time I need to replace the stuff we're using mpw.

Oh-oh, we have totally hijacked this thread, none of this has anything to do with mildew in the hair anymore.
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HalfWavy, I was thinking that too -- at this point,we should almost post this on the recipes board, or somewhere....

Anyway, yes indeed, the OxyClean does work. It uses peroxide, and is fumeless & doesn't damage fabrics or cause me any skin irritation. You can buy some of the no-names that work just as well and try it in a smaller amount. I've found the key to most of these products is to let them sit/soak longer than you would a strong chemical product like Clorox or Tilex or ammonia. I've found whites get pretty darn white w/ the Oxy, & keep in mind I have made peace with the idea of dingy whites long ago, if the price is having to use Clorox. I've also used it to remove stains & found it didn't damage the colored item. I've used it on sink drains, toilets, tubs.... it's stronger than borax, which is best for everyday.

Note: you can go ahead & add essential oils to borax to customize your cleaners if you like. I think I'd do more chemistry research before trying that with Oxy.
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Oh girl, I really appreciate the additional info! I'm usually more concerned about removing stains from clothes than whitening them, chlorine bleach gradually weakens clothes if used that way so I've only done it very occasionally. I've long known it's very harmful for our lungs, etc. so I avoid using it as much as possible, in fact, I can't even remember how long ago I bought the 90oz. jug of bleach I have, could be about a year or more, who knows, there's still about 1/3 of it left but if I can get good results with something safer I will surely use it, and yes, I've seen the tubs of knock-offs and had wondered if they did anything, lol, but I still see the OxyClean on sale regularly.

I am the kind who recycles and reuses everything I can ("card-carrying" member of the Pack Rat & Frugality Clubs ), I even belong to a Freecycle group so I not only think in terms of health but the environment and good stewardship of the planet as well. Maybe I don't do enough yet but I think every bit counts!
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC

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