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nadya 01-08-2007 06:51 AM

happy but questions on cg n i use suave coconut as a regular conditioner because i cnt find any other conditioner that is cg friendly..i use kiwi and lime to co wash and i use out of bed gel to scrunch my hair..thats about it and my hair looks amazing..and its just my 2nd very happy with the results..

but i have a problem..i cant find any shampoo with no sulfates..what if i get a bad build up or something what will i do? and another problem i dont plopp or make a pineapple or anything..i just use a silk scarf to tie my hair at night..will leaving my hair down all the time damage it?

SuZen 01-08-2007 07:40 AM

You can use an apple cider vinegar rinse (dilute the vinegar with plenty of water). Or a lemon juice rinse, or a baking soda scrub.

Kaia 01-08-2007 08:00 AM

The suggestions Suzen gave are all good options. Also you can make a "lemon aid" by mixing the juice of a lemon with an equal amount of conditioner, and use that as a co-wash.

If you like how your hair comes out, there's no need to plop or pineapple. I never pineapple, and I just do my hair every morning. I Have to plop to get my curls to look presentable, but if you don't need it, that's one step you can cut out. It won't damage your hair to have it down unless you get it caught on things. If anything, having it tied back is what would damage your hair.

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