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gryantmarch2step 01-08-2007 10:44 AM

How do I use CJ Guava Curl Cream?
I've been raking it through with some gel over it, but was wondering how other people use it?

medusahair 01-08-2007 01:40 PM

That's how I used it. I used it the same way I do boots or recoil. A little bit smoothed on my canopy then gel on top of that.

lushaholic 01-13-2007 04:19 PM

Bumping this because I'd like to know as well, now that I have some. :) I guess I want to know more along the lines of how much people used each time instead of how to apply it.

Snarls 01-13-2007 11:12 PM

For my hair (somewhere between ear lobe & shoulder, depending on the humidity) I used a dime-sized blob to begin with. On really wet hair, which gives better distribution. Scrunch up for enhanced curl, then CK or gel smoothed over & scrunch again.

lushaholic 01-14-2007 12:17 AM

Ok, the pj in me just couldn't wait so I did a DT tonight with the DE Italian Red Grape co with a little sweet almond oil + honey mixed in (another product I couldn't wait to try :lol: ), left it on under the mhc for an hour, then applied about a quarter of the CJ Guava cream. I almost decided to just use that and nothing over it, but being of so little 'hold' faith that I am, I couldn't resist putting something else over the top. This called for more decision making :P , which meant I had narrowed it down to either SMU gel, Aura gel, or Joiwhip. I thought the Joiwhip over the Guava cream seemed a bit weird, but since I'm a bit weird I went for it anyway, and am currently plopping. I hated to do this all so late in the night because I know my hair won't be dry before going to bed and I will wake up with not nice hair, but I figured what the heck. It's all icy and snowy outside anyway so I doubt I'll be leaving the house tomorrow and if it looks bad nobody will see it, and if it looks good I'll be annoyed I can't go anywhere. :lol: So in short, I'll report back on my Guava cream results. :wink:

medusahair 01-14-2007 08:42 AM

Wow ice and snow? I wore shorts to the store yesterday. Brrrrr sounds cold where you are!
I hope your hair turned out fab!

lushaholic 01-14-2007 02:42 PM

Shorts??? You lucky peach!! In my dreams, lemme tell ya. :roll: But then again I am in the midwest, so what's 60 degrees one day can be 22 the next. Seriously, thursday I could have gone without a coat and it was in the mid 50's, friday it was sleeting, snowing and dipped down to the teens. At least you can't get bored with the weather around here. :P

Anyway, I got GREAT results from the guava cream!! I love it! :D I ended up putting a bit more in after it had dried, and I had to diffuse with my hot sock becuase the dryer I was using burned out and so I had to borrow one that my finger diffuser wouldn't fit on. So I think I could have had even better results, but so far so good! Now I want to get the Coffeecoco cream, so if anyone has some and they don't want it, let me know! :wink:

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