Jessicurl HCC- too cleansing?

I have been using HCC, and Too Shea for about 2 weeks now with pretty good results. Right now I am trying to figure out a routine on how often I should be using the HCC. On the website it say that the HCC is gentle enough to use everyday. Recently I washed my hair 2 days in a row using HCC and on the second day I noticed my hair having curls that are very large and almost poofy, not as defined. I also did a GLS wash on Friday. Does this mean that the HCC might be too cleansing for my curls to use everyday? Or is my hair getting overconditioned and I might need to cut back on the Too Shea. I have been using the Too Shea on the days when I just water rinse. I have what I consider to be short rather thick hair ( I believe). Any insight you can bring on this would be much appreciated. Thanks
It is quite possible that your hair is actually overconditioned. I tried the HCC/Too Shea combo and my hair got entirely too fluffy! I had to switch to something with a little more cleanse and a little less punch!
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You may not need to use HCC that often. Try shampooing a bit less often and see if that helps. If not, maybe overconditioning is the culprit.
The GLS is more cleansing than the HCC. You may not need to use the GLS at all or only when you really need a thorough cleansing.

I can use the HCC daily with no problem. But try skipping a day and just water washing. Or maybe try the Aloba Conditioner instead of the Too Shea.
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First I would like to thank you all for your suggestions. For today I water rinsed and just combed in some Too Shea and then rinsed. Scrunched in nickel size amounts of CC and Angell and diffused. Hair has much better curl and shape. No more poof! So I guess my hair was not overconditioned, I just need to hold off and not use the HCC so often. Why does this have to be so hard?
You'll get it! Already you're making a lot of progress.

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