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MollieN313 01-08-2007 03:32 PM

Jessicurl in NJ?
Does anyone know where I can find Jessicurl in NJ? I looked on the website but i have a feeling there are more places....

tinabcurly 01-08-2007 03:56 PM

I haven't come across any place yet. I'd love to know though since Summit isn't around the corner for me.

SuZen 01-09-2007 07:09 AM

I was in the place in Summit (Hello, Gorgeous) last week and it looks as if they have phased out the Jessicurl products. All that I saw on the shelf was one lonely bottle of Awe-Inspiralling. I suspect the problem is that they jack up their prices a couple of bucks per bottle, so it winds up being cheaper to buy online when Jessicurl has a sale or flat shipping. Too bad!

The website mentions a salon in Freehold.

witchcurlgirl 01-09-2007 11:46 AM

Beauty Plus in the Freehold Mall carries JC

sherry7899 01-09-2007 02:02 PM


Thanks for posting about this. My husband and son are going to the Freehold Mall on 1/20 to meet some of the players from the Phillies. Maybe I'll tag along and go shopping :D Figures I just ordered some Jessicurl stuff from Curlmart (my first Curlmart order, and the service was absolutely excellent!)

Take care,

monicaf 01-09-2007 02:35 PM

The place in Summit does not carry Jessicurl anymore. They said that they were not making a profit on it because the shipping was very expensive and the Jessicurl people refused to lower it. Too bad because my parents live right near Summit and the price was the same as online minus the shipping.

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