Can anyone reccommend a conditioner over 5 in the UK

I'm on my 4th week of CG now but I haven't tried any co-washes under 5. Can anyone reccommend a conditioner in the UK or are the cheap ones fine?
- Nate

Co-wash - Boots / Tresemme Naturals
Condition - Bodyshop Rainforest / Tresemme Naturals
Style - Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera gel / Garnier Fructis Camouflage gel
Under or over ?
For over 5 the A'kin conditions are good for about 7
So are the giovanni conditioners 7.
Curl junkie products at which are usually 15 a bottle

You can buy them online , just Google

For under 5

Tresemme naturals conditioners are always on sale 2
Enliven conditioners are 1, not as thick as the rest but very moisturizing at Lloyd's pharmacy

If its just for cowashing I would say the cheap ones are ok but some people use a richer conditioner afterwards. If it is working just fine why change it ?

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I'm guessing you mean under 5. Check out your local pound shops. They sometimes have some really good conditioners in there.

I like Original Source conditioners, bargain at a quid.
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