Who has super thick monstrous size hair and what do you.....

what do you use to make your hair smaller, i am a small girl and i have so much hair that i am overwhelmed by it, i already have long layers but maybe
a product could help. it just gets bigger and bigger as the day goes on and i feel really insecure about it.
I have the same problem.

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I have big hair, but the rest of me is bigger too so I haven't tried to make it "smaller."

If you find products that weigh your hair down, I'd go for that. Butters, heavy creams, etc.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I have big hair too. It's really really thick which is why I don't understand when people say you need to use a comb instead of a brush for curly hair. WTF, like that'll get through my hair! It'd take forever and it would be very ouchy. I know how it is to feel self conscious about it too.

Hmm... sometimes if I put gel in it it's not as bad, but It doesn't work for summer, and I usually wear my hair in a bun then. Layers may help too, as I had them put in and it took the triangle effect (Hair was flat at top and got bigger as you went down) off my face for a little while but I need a new cut very soon.

Ah, I just re-read and you already have long layers in? How long is your hair? Maybe cut it shorter? I used to have really long hair too. Actually I would let it grow all year and get it cut eventually. (Not recommended..)
my hair is about shoulder length and even with gel it gets big? everyone just sees my hair and not me.
Sonny, what styling products are you using currently?
i am using biolage gelee and recoil on top of a little one c that i am leaving in.
re:coil is a curl enhancer. Maybe you should skip a curl enhancer and just use a heavy leave-in and a gel?
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Hmm, then I'm stumped. Those are good products with some weight to them. Only thing I can think of is that Re:coil is a curl enhancing product, which maybe isn't what you want. Maybe try leaving in a little more One C and skipping the re:coil?

Oh, I see bostoncurl thought of that also, good for you.

Another idea is that for me, using a leave-in seems to work against the hold I get from my gel, so my hair tends to be frizzy. So, on that line of thinking, the other thing I can suggest would be to skip the leave-in entirely and just try the Gelee by itself. It will probably be more crunchy, but it might possibly keep your hair under better control, volume-wise.
Re:Coil gives me huge hair. It has Panthenol which coats the hair and gives a thickening effect. I had the same trouble with One C--too much volume. And also Biolage Gelee. You use all the products that give me huge hair!

I like Garnier Fructis Sleek N Shine LEave In. It gives a bit of weight without pulling out the curl. OJON Styling Creme. Shea Butter. Those work for me. Also, I grew out most of my layers...only a few on the ends. My hair is below shoulder length. The longer my hair is, the less large it is.

Good luck.
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maybe i'll try some diff products, i i will definately cut out the recoil.
Do I detect some Recoil surfacing on the swapboard?
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you know i thought one c and biolage gelee were both heavy and would weigh my hair down?
I am finding that the Curls Whipped Cream is helping to tone my volume down a little. I use that with a gel over it & some CK under. I only leave in a bit of my conditioner.
the only curls product i have used is spiral cream. how does the whipped cream compare?
the only curls product i have used is spiral cream. how does the whipped cream compare?
Originally Posted by sonny
I did not get crunch with the whipped cream & I get hardly any frizz (knock on wood) - the spiral cream gave me crunch & frizz. I like the whipped cream much better. The only downfall is that the whipped cream does not have much hold, so you might need something over it. The good thing (to me) is that my hair looks longer (as opposed to getting shrinkage). So far I like it. I'm hoping it can at least get me through winter & I'll look for something else in the summer if it does not hold up - I have a feeling it won't be enough hold for the summer, so I'll either have to use something else or find a stronger gel to wear over it & deal with crunch.
I pretty much have the same problem Sonny does. So many people rave about how pretty my hair is then in the next breath say that my face is so tiny and my hair overwhelmes me. I don't actually mind the volume, but my hair DOES seem to cover up half my face. I got layers cut into it for this very reason but the only difference now seems to be that my hair STILL covers my face and my layers don't blend well at all. Dang - but that top layer sure does curl! I did just begin what I hope is a CG routine, though, and maybe my problem will "go away" in a month or so.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
My hair definitely has "huge" potential too. what I found that works for more definition and less volume is using CK under a gel. Also, make sure you apply your gel in the shower while hair is soaking wet. HTH!
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I am finding that the Curls Whipped Cream is helping to tone my volume down a little. I use that with a gel over it & some CK under. I only leave in a bit of my conditioner.
Originally Posted by curlsofny
I find that the Curls Curly Q milkshake is great for toning down volume. Reg. milkshake makes it pretty full.
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL

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