leaving conditioner in your hair/not rinsing it out? as talked about in CG book?

i went CG yesterday. my hair gets very frizzy without a leave in and poofy too. sometimes when i even use my usual quarter sized amount of leave in my hair is still volumized more than id like.
btw i have 3b medium thickness hair that is shoulder length.
ihave the book my lorraine massey and i read how she said to leave most or all of your condish in from the shower. then come out of the shower and scrunch out the excess with a microfiber towel.
id like to try this, because im hoping it will keep away the frizz and poof, but the scrunching with the mf towel will create the curl pattern. i would be using tresemme naturals which is a light- medium thickness conditioner.
i would be doing this method and not adding any other products after because i hate gel!
does anyone have any luck with leaving most or all of your conditioner in? do you get definition and frizz control?
thank you!
I can leave all of my RO conditioner in with certain conditioners. It depends on the condish. If I'm using a lighter conditioner that still offers moisture (something like Yes To Carrots), I can leave it all in and rinse barely any out. If I'm using a heavier, richer, and thicker conditioner like Tresemme Naturals Moisture, I rinse it all out and add some back in as a LI. You're going to have to experiment and play around with things to see which method works best for you. Some people prefer to rinse it all out and add some back in because they can control the amount of conditioner. I don't mind either way, but it really does depend on the conditioner, like I said. HTH!
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