salicylic acid

Does anyone know anything about salicylic acid and curly hair? I have type 4, porous, fine hair, and seborrheic dermatitis. I want to try not using shampoo but I can only go 2 days before I have to wash because of the burning itch and crusty flakes. In the past the Tgel shampoo cleaned my scalp really well but I didn't know if it would remove silicone or dry out my already dry hair.
have u ever tried the Selson Blue shampoo with scrubbing beads? Its a clear gel shampoo with blue beads and has 2% salicylic acid. Its great and its suprisingly gentle it just gives a great deep clean but is great with dandruff,itch and flakes.
i have to try this. i'm about to scratch my scalp to shreds from the dandruff.
Yup it works great my son and hubby use it because it cleans so well,but doesnt give you dry squeaky hair.

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