Anyone use Aura over Recoil?

I just bought some Aura at Sally's over the weekend because my PJ guard is completely down right now due to being surrounded with temptation. Anyway, I bought the gel and was thinking of pairing it with Recoil, of course. Does anyone else use this combo? I already missed the 11am deadline for the 20% all products at Beauty Express, so I didn't manage to make it there for any Joiwhip or Abba weightless, which means I'm trying to console myself with what I HAVE already bought but not tried yet.
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I havent used Aura but i find that Re:coil pairs with any products so far that i have used in my hair , like boots, a gel, mousse, ..Re:coil hasnt let me down yet , i use it everyday and sometimes just alone itself , wouldnt hurt to try to use it with Aura.
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I used Aura in the summer (with recoil under it of course), and got lots of compliments with this combo. It makes my hair very clumpy and shiny.
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I used recoil with Aura. It works fine, lovely shiny curls.
Did you get some of the new abba weightless? I'm dying to know how that is different than the old.

You're picking stuff I like to use so I don't have any complaints about how anything you're stocking up on works so far
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I think Aura is the only thing I haven't tried over Recoil since I started using it a few years ago. It's always worked for me under everything else, but you never know! Oh yeah, I haven't tried it under Joiwhip, but then again that's not a gel. I'm anxious to try the aura when I wash my hair later, and if it's good I'll be hunting more down before I leave pj paradise. Good to know you guys are having such good luck with it!

MH, I didn't get the Weightless yet, but all the other bottles I've ever had are the navy blue bottle, and that's the one I'm still seeing in some of the stores. Weird. Funnily enough, just last year this time there weren't any salons listed here in KC that sell Recoil, but now there are tons of them, so I've already visited the closest one. :P
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
Well cool about local REcoil, score!
I have a bottle of the kind with the pink cap. I can't seem to get it to work now that my hair is longer. I get less curl and I'm all stiff. Maybe I'll try the new formula. Or maybe I'm the abba impaired

Aura is a good price isn't it...... at least it won't hurt so much to stock up on that. I hope it has enough hold for you. I have some medium hold gels and seems like that acts as medium hold for me. I scruch out a bit of water with paper towels to make those hold better and get a bit more crunch without going flaky.
I'd nag you for pics but I know you're away from your pc
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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