Difference between CJ Healthy Hair and IP conditioners?

I'm thinking of ordering one of these from CM and just trying to figure out which one to get. Has anyone tried both the Healthy Hair and the Intense Protection? I have the Hibiscus & Banana leave-in for fine hair, but I think I would get the HH one for thick hair if I decided on the HH, and probably the IP for fine hair, although I'm not sure why I would get the fine on one and the thick for the other, except I remember kimmyc really liking the HH for thick hair. I'm also thinking of the Hibiscus & Banana DT, but how different is it really from the leave-in? Thanks!
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It's ME again.

I always thought the Intense Protection was more of a leave-in than a rinse out, so I never really compared it to the Healthy Condition.

The IP-Fine hair is actually thicker than the IP-Thick. They're both fairly heavy, creamy products. I never got the knack of distributing them on my fine hair. You could use them as a rinse-out, but they come in a tub, not a bottle and I think the tub is 4 oz so with your long hair it wouldn't last long.

I like the Healthy conditioner as a rinse-out in the summer. It's light and rinses out really clean. For me, it's comparable to Oyin Honey Hemp and JessiCurl Aloeba although of the 3, I like it the best because it rinses out the cleanest (for me).

The Hibiscus Banana deep treatment is really, really thick. I guess it's comparable to Curls Asian Tea? except maybe a little thicker. It didn't work well for me as a quickie rinse out, but I get great softness, shine & bounce from leaving it in under the gel cap for an hour or so.
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Thanks Castella! I guess I was a little confused with the 2, especially since one of them is a leave-in and I already had the H&B leave-in. Maybe I should just order more Too Shea and WDT then instead of these? I'd like to try them, but not if they're not any better than TS and WDT, which I know already know are excellent.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
I say, if you already love the TS & WDT, stick with that!

Does this mean I'm a reformed PJ? Because I usually love splurging...for real & vicariously!
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)

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