What gel to use with SheaMoisture products?

I am going to try Shea Moisture Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, plus the Smoothie as a leave-in. I would like to use a gel with these products for curl. I have some Miracurl and, of course, KCCC. What gel-these or others- would you ladies recommend with Shea Moisture products? Thanks.
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Product Junkie-love anything CJ. Used to love KT and KCCC, but lately doing nothing for my hair but flattening it.
Am experimenting with products to see what works for me. Seems like I get different results every day even if I use the same products!
I don't know if this helps you, but I've been using the Smoothie recently and the only gel I've been using it with is flaxseed gel (FSG), and it's been working great. I use the Smoothie with a "Smasters" type method while I'm diffusing, though -- I haven't tried it as a LI yet. I think it would make an awesome curl cream in winter, though. I apply my FSG, plop, diffuse for a little while, mix the Smoothie with some LOOB in my hand, and scrunch it in all different ways, and I continue diffusing. It works great this way, as long as I use more LOOB than Smoothie. HTH! Also, just as a side note -- the Smoothie is super moisturizing! A little goes a long way.
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