Bottom layers turn to frizz

I need some help with styling. I've been doing the CG method for about 3 weeks now and have had mixed results. I am a 2b, I think, with medium porosity and texture. I've been co-washing with either Suave Naturals Coconut or Garnier Triple Nutrition. For styling I rake in a bunch of LA Looks sport gel while my hair is still very wet, scrunch to get the squishy sounds, and plop in a microfiber towel for about 30 minutes. The clumps look great initially, but whether I diffuse them part-way or air dry them, the bottom layer of clumps breaks up and turns into frizz by the time I get to work. The shorter top layers are fine. It's like the gel casts are being broken, but I don't know how to prevent it. I am using quite a bit of gel already and using more doesn't solve the problem. I am wondering if it's from my hair touching my clothing? I set my seat back in the car so the back of my shoulders and head are not touching it when I drive in the morning, but my hair does tend to get whipped around and smashed under the seatbelt from having to check blind spots.

The longer bottom layers have been with me though a few years of straightening so they need all the help they can get. They were extremely dry so I treat them with coconut oil once a week or so, which helps softness, but unfortunately they struggle to curl like the shorter layers of my hair.

I have a haircut coming up in a few weeks and I am thinking of taking off a few more inches than usual (I can spare some, my hair is long) to try to get rid of the older, damaged stuff. But that's sort of a last resort if I can't figure this out sooner.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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if the bottom layers have seen years of straightening, i agree that you might need to take off a few inches, especially since you say you can do that. sometimes hair is so damaged all you can do is cut it off. but it sounds like you have a good length of healthy hair.

the other thought i had is that suave is not very moisturizing, don't know about garnier. and oils are more like sealants rather than moisturizers. so, look around for a more moisturizing conditioner for your hair.
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I only just started using the Garnier Triple Nutrition, and I'm hoping that will help. I am looking through different lists of CG-friendly suggestions here and will try to find something extra moisturizing.
I had a similar problem when my hair was long. The underneath layer would tangle like crazy, so lots of hairs would break and snap, and it would be very frizzy and you could see all the broken hairs and stuff. Similar problem, but not quite the same. The only two things that really helped were sealing with oil and applying more gel to my underlayer -- but mostly sealing. I just rubbed some oil on my hands when I got out of the shower and smoothed it all over my hair, concentrating more on my underlayer. It helped tons, and my underlayer looked a whole lot better! It might help you. Oh, and it's better to use an oil that doesn't sink into your hair -- basically, anything other than olive oil and coconut oil. Also, I found the thing that helped the most was a good old trim, but I hacked off a good couple inches (at least four inches), and that made a great positive difference, too.
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