Is it true that LA Looks Sports Gel sucks color out of hair?

I read in another thread here something to that effect. Last week, I had bought a travel-size tube of it to try, because my beloved LA Looks Curl Look Gel has sadly been discontinued. No wonder I was having a really hard time finding it lately. Anyway, I do like the Sports version, but now I'm afraid to use it again. I'm not about to give up coloring my hair yet. I was just about to buy a big bottle of the Sports gel too. Anyone here who colors their hair and uses the LA Looks Sports Gel - what are your experiences with this about it affecting color? I need to know really soon, as I'm just about out of my bottle of the Curl Look gel, and still on the travel size tube of the Sports gel. I'd really like to stick to LA Looks if I can since one can get at the drugstore. I have to go cheap with my hair stylers, seriously.
Have never heard/read that and that wasn't my experience back when I used to use regular color instead of henna . . . Not saying you didn't read something like that here - I probably never see 95% of the posts, LOL!
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Thanks, auntnett! I was worried there for a minute! I also saw at CVS a new product by LA Looks for curls, in an opaque lime-greenish bottle - anyone try this yet?
I've used the green and blue one and they work fine. I color my hair and never had any problems with them. Because they are colored gels though they can make your color look a little muted but it's not permanent.
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Hi ElvishThistle - with the green one, I meant the brand-new one in the OPAQUE lime-greenish bottle. Since I haven't tried this yet, I don't know what color the gel is. However I do remember the old emerald green one, the Mega Gel, which is the first one I started off with years ago until they redid the line and the bright turquoise Curl Look Gel came out. I do know what you mean about the colored gels temporary effect on haircolor though, usually immediately after application. Once dry however no effect. In fact, color in my case looks RICHER.
I just bought a bottle of the LA Looks Curl Gel online at Maybe they have it at their stores, too.
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I'm not familiar with that gel, but, stylers with glycerin can strip reds, semis, and demis. Glycerin is a good solvent.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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That was probably me that said it. I wrote a thread about the polish perfect gel (I love it) but I avoided the sports gel because of glycerin. As RCC said, it is bad for red dyes and I dye red. If you aren't red, it may be totally fine

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No, the CVS store here DOESN'T have the turquoise Curl Look gel any more, just one bottle of the newer version so far, and of course the Sports version. I did try the Sports version and liked it. I don't wash my hair every day, or reapply gel every day, only when I wash, which is maybe only every few days. Will the Sports gel still ruin my red due to the glycerin in it? I DON'T want to have to special-order stuff online, or have to go all the way out to Sally Beauty supply for something(it's rather inconvenient for me to get there very often at all). I prefer to get something very cheap at a neighborhood drugstore in the city myself, or Bed Bath and Beyond when I get there(they do have really good prices on certain drugstore stuff).

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