Bye Bye Hello Hydration

I have used this conditioner twice with no problems. HOWEVER, the last time I used it I had some serious strands coming out WITHOUT detangling! I won't go into the gory details but maaan, what a disappointment as it really moisturized. My hair is already fragile so I'd like to keep the hair i have, thankyouverymuch.

The good news is that the Garnier Triple Nutrition works wonders with not a strand rinsed out (I counted.)
I certainly lost more hair detangling with this than with a conditioner with no slip . I stuck with it but the fragrance finally made me give it up
I wonder if it has to do with the sodium hydroxide in it? But i know that it's a small amount, nowhere near whats found in relaxers.

Glad we gave it up.
My hair always likes it at first. Then after like 2 days my hair starts feeling crispy. That goes for all the Herbal Essence cone laden conditioners.

I've been having the best hair days ever using some other stuff.
TIGI Moisture Maniac
Yes to Carrots
Yes to Cucumbers
Trader Joe's Nourish Spa

I dont think any of these have cones. My hair is luvvin me.
3c/4a Natural
Yea I used it last summer before the sodium hydroxide was added. It definitely changed it for the worst. For now the only HE conditioner is the totally twisted
Funny, I watched a youtuber last year who said this very thing happened to her when she tried the conditioner. Wish I knew what ingredient it was because I have had others (not the Hello Hydration) do this to me, where my hair just slid out in clumps. Scary!
It most indeed WAS scary. Especially since I've had a shedding problem and my hair has been doing so well with my other less than half the usual hair fall in the drain than the olden days. I was like,"aw s*** here we go again" but the last two washes have been on point.

I was sweatin' bullets.

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They have refomulated their whole line from the looks of it. I have the Drama Clean conditioner which I really like, but I see I have the older version of it. I don't know how the new ingredients will hold up. I used Hello Hydration for a while but I did not like the new version at all.
Yea , I don't know if the ingredients are different but the ones in the uk have new shiny packaging ..... Even if my hair didn't shed as much the fragrance is too much for me
It's funny cuz alot of ppl don't like the smell but that was one of the reasons I was sad I had to give it up. I really like it lol

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