Stop my curls from getting tighter! And DOO GRO DOES IT WORK?

Hey everyone! So I am going to try to shorten this story. So basically when I was eleven my hair was about two inches past my shoulder. Then when I was twelve it was to my shoulders. When I was 13 it was above my chin. Now I'm 14 and my hair has gone from 3 hair to 3c hair! I really don't like it! I miss my old long loose curls! I don't know what to do to make it grow and to make my curls loose again. This is what I usually do with my hair:
I shower everyday but I only wash my hair about once a week unless I feel it's really dirty
In when I was 13 I used to straighten it once a month and keep it like that for a week
I haven't straightened my hair in months because i want it to grow
whenever i do something to help it grow it shrinks
oh and i use moisturizering shampoo and conditioner
and i put in moracan oil and moose and let my hair air dry and sometimes diffuse
My hair is all the way up my neck in the back!
It just looks so stupid! I'm not saying people with 3c hair are stupid looking im just saying i dont like have such short hair that is weird different lengths and geting shorter as we speak!
Sorry this is so long... I wanted to make it short :/
please help me
will doo gro make my hair grow again?
i drink a lot of water and exersize and eat healthy
i am mixed (black and white if that makes a difference)
I would first check to make sure that any products you're using are curl friendly (generally speaking, that means sulfate free and silicone free). Also, do you know your hair properties (texture, density, porosity, elasticity)? You can check out to get lots of info on all of that. Knowing your hair properties will help you choose the right products for your hair. For example, my hair is fine, so regular protein treatments are good for it; however, PTs for other people would cause a lot of damage to their hair.

You might also want to look into doing regular deep conditioning treatments -- Again, choose a DT correctly, based on your hair's properties.

One more thing, if you've got split ends, they'll have to be cut off. There's no repairing them really, so leaving them "as is" really only allows them to get worse. And I'm not necessarily talking about having to get a BC either. When I was your age I used to periodically and very patiently go through my hair, taking locks of it and twisting them so any split ends would pop out of the twist and could be cut off (I used a good pair of stylist scissors. A regular pair of household scissors used for cutting paper would just tear your hair). I was able to maintain my length and really improve the state and growth of my hair doing that.
3b / Fine / Low (to Med) Density / Normal Porosity & Elasticity

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