Devafuser...has it been discontinued?

My blowdryer literally shot out big sparks yesterday when I was using it so I am in the market for a new dryer. While looking around on the internet, I came across the DevaCurl devafuser. When I looked in the store on this site, it shows that it has been discontinued. Does anyone know if they are redesigning it or completely through with it?
A few months back I was going nuts looking for it. I called Devachan and they said they are 'revamping' the devafuser so its discontinued and they dont have a release date for the new one. I was able to find one left that came with the sun dryer at my local beauty supply. It was expensive because it came with the dryer but I love it. You might be able to find some with the dryer online, amazon maybe. But I couldnt find the Devafuser by itself anywhere

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