anyone put in a second product when hair is partially dry?

I tried a new gel, but it wasn't doing much (no curl definition) When my hair was almost halfway dry, I scrunched in some HE Set me Up gel-voila-curls! Very strange-I had tried the HE SMU on dripping hair five different times, and it never did anything-no curls, nothing.

Maybe tomorrow I'll dry my hair partway and then put in the SMU and see what happens...why does my hair have to be such an adventure Sometimes I wish it were straight-at least it would turn out consistently the same everyday, although that could get boring.

Yup, I do. I spray in a product when it's damp and slightly more of the same product when it's nearly dry.
After I'm done plopping, I twist some Regis Curl Lock cream into the layer of hair closest to the nape of my neck. It tends to be the straightest (and stubbornest) part of my hair, but the Curl Lock helps to get it in line.
2c; some 3a
Loving CO Bigelow Not Your Ordinary Condish, AG:recoil, and GF Curl-Shaping Spray Gel

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