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For anyone that uses this product, do you feel that you need to poo more often due to build-up? I am CG and this product seems to be something worth trying due to the raves I have read about it but I see that it has some polquats in it. That's the only reason that I haven't tried it so far. Will a lemon rinse remove this buildup or could I use the Jessicurl HCC? Thanks for your help in advance!
I don't tend to get any build up with it. But if you did, I'm sure you could get it out with HCC.
I use it a *lot* and have never suffered from build up, but if that affects your hair I'm sure a gentle cleanser would remove it

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It never gave me build-up, but polyquats don't seem to bother me at all.
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Only if I use too much. Removes easily with Deva No-poo.
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No build-up problems here either and I just co-wash or use No-Poo or Low-Poo once every 2-3 weeks. Just start out light with it, because a little really does go a long way.
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No buildup to speak of here, either, and I've been slathering it on in the colder weather.
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nope no build up on my end , and i have been using it everyday practically since sept, i just use a gentle poo to get it out , even clarifying with VO5 kiwi lime helps too on occasion.
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No buildup here either...
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Not here, either, unless I don't use it right like today in which my hair feels like glue ! But dang, it looks good!!
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