is brushing hair when wet bad??

i have healthy 3b hair
in the shower i use a lot of conditioner and detangle with a wide toothed comband it takes like 10 seconds to do this
after my shower i put in leave in conditioner
yesterday and today i tried brushing my hair after using putting on the leave in
i use a conair paddle brush
it went through really easily since my hair is never knotty after i shower. it just went through easier than a wide toothed comb does and it clumped my curls nicely.
so i was wondering, do people say brushes are bad because of how they rip the knots? are they still bad if like i said, it just goes right through the hair?
yes its not good at all to brush hair wet,esp for curly hair use a wide tooth comb. when your hair is wet it is at its most delicate and fragile state. when u brush the hair u are pulling the hair shaft and ripping it, this will cause breakage and split ends. im in cosmetology school now and they always say never to use a brush to remove knots or tangles. after a chemical service or brush while wet! hope I answered ur question

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Try the new WETBRUSH It works wonders on Combing out Wet Hair. It’s an ouchless detanglerand massager. Works fantastic on wet hair and perfect for thick, curly,long, shoulder length and straight hair, coloured hair, hair with extensionsand childrens hair. It has specialized bend-able intel-flex bristles with coated tips that guide through the most tangled haireffortlessly. It doesn't pull the hair because of the intel flex bristles. If I hadn’t tried it my self, I wouldn’t believeit.

It's true that hair is more delicate when wet, but I know that a lot of people 'brush' with their denmans and achieve great clumping that way. I only brush/comb when I'm slathered in conditioner with plenty of slip, but that's because my hair tangles easily and the last thing I want to do is pull on my wet hair! But, if you've got leave in on you hair and the brush glides through, I see no problem with that! Just be careful and go slowly in case you missed a snarl so you don't rip it out.
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As long as there's no pull, and you're careful, brushes can work really well for clumping. That's why a lot of curlies use the Denman, as WavyRoo said. You can google for "Denman for curly hair" and find information on it. I've seen a few people say they saw damage from it, but most don't. I have a Denman, and use it sometimes rather than a comb, but since it doesn't really enhance clumping for me and a comb is faster, I usually just use the comb. I don't get any damage from the Denman.

The advice about not brushing when wet (just like not combing when wet), doesn't really apply to hair that's in the shower and soaked in conditioner. If you brush naked wet hair, yes, you do stretch and break it because it's in a weakened condition, but when it's covered with conditioner you have that layer of slip that protects the hair. In addition, curly hair that's very fine is often more vulnerable to breakage if detangled when dry, so detangling in the shower (again, gently!) with either brush or comb is better than dry. Don't use a BBB in the shower, though!
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When hair is filled with conditioner, it is fine to comb the hair.
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That wet brush looks like any knobby paddle brush. Ick.
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I use a Tangle Teezer to detangle in the shower. In addition I brush at least one styling product into very wet hair. It gives me the best product distribution and prevents me from getting ramen noodle hair
I have been doing this for 6 months and I don't rip any hairs out when I am patient and gentle.
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I always use the Denman brush to comb through my hair. I find it more gentle than a wide tooth comb and it feels awesome on my scalp. My daughter uses it as well and her hair is down the middle of her back.

We have had no breaking from it.

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