using Light versus rich products from Jessicurl

I had been using the "rich" products from Jessicurl. I just received GLS in a trade and tried it this morning. My hair has much more frizz than usual. I know there isn't anything " stripping" in JC products. What is different about GLS from HCC?

Also, I have fine but dry hair. I've been using Too Shea. I'm curious that if you use Aloeba, do you get better curl definition? Is it as moisturizing as Too Shea? I need the moisture from Too Shea, but i'm wondering if Aloeba would be better for my hair?

GLS has more cleaning power than HCC, so you may want to stick with HCC.

Aloeba is definitely thinner and lighter weight than Too Shea. It's good for fine hair that gets weighed down easily. If your hair isn't like that, and you need moisture, I would use Too Shea.
I color my hair, but with no-ammonia dye. Still, it can get a bit dry, and the Jessicurl products for thick hair were way too much for my hair to handle. Aloeba worked much better than Too Shea, although with my temperamental hair, it proved too much, eventually, as well.
TooShea is definitely more moisturizing than Aloeba. If you need moisture I'd stick with TooShea.
GLS is just more cleansing so it might be cleaning your hair too much.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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