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After growing your hair for so long, you come up to an article to donate your hair to cancer patients that really need it. Would you do it???? I'm thinking it's just hair, right? Is going to grow again... Any opinions, suggestions or comments? My hair its a little lower of mid back length

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I have done it, but I wouldn't donate to locks of love again, I'd donate to wigs4kids. Locks of Love is actually not a nonprofit organization and don't give wigs away while Wigs4Kids does.
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Like rymorg, yes I have donated but not to locks of love, when I cut off the superlong hair I gave a foot-and-a-half to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

But in general - Yes of course. Hair grows back, it's a renewable resource and if you've grown a big whompin' crop of hair it seems plenty reasonable to cut it off and donate or sell it.
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I would do it if I could, but I think there are actually pretty strict rules and since my hair is color treated, they wouldn't take it.

I also would not donate to Locks of Love -- if I remember correctly, they charge for the wigs and cancer patients can't get them because their hair loss is temporary, not permanent.

A blogger, Temerity Jane, wrote a long, informative post on it, actually -- if you search for her name and Locks of Love, the blog entry would probably show up. She recommends a different organization, the name of which escapes me right now.
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Thank you all for the reply, I was doing a research, and different opinions. Cause I have blonde hair, but I haven't use bleach for around two years. But I don't know if I can still donate it. Currently been using dark & lovely. Can this affect it. I read that it can be color hair but not bleach.

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Is there any test I can do to my hair before I donate or, to see if it qualify???

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Honestly, I wouldn't only because sooner or later they get their hair back.

I would, however donate my hair to an organization that strictly deals with people who suffer from alopecia areata and/or totalis because I think they would appreciate it more because once they lose their hair, it's gone for good whereas at least a cancer patient's hair loss is only temporary.

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You have a good point there... I was thinking. I wonder what they do with their wigs, when there hair grows back!

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