Joico Joiwhip vs Clairol 3 in 1 Mousse

For those who have tried both of these, which do you prefer and why?
I really like them both. The 3-1 has dimethicone copolyol in it, although it is water soluble...the joiwhip one doesn't have any cones.
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I like them both too. The 3-in-1 gives me a little more shine and frizz control, but joiwhip is more curl enhancing. Unfortunately the smell of the 3-in-1 is bothering my BF, so I can't use it daily anymore. I don't smell it, but for some reason it's really bothering him.
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I can't say I would CHOOSE one over the other....but I did return the JoiWhip because I didn't want to get busted by DH for buying a $15 can of mousse. Much easier to get away with the 3 in 1. I use 3 in 1 every day with great results.
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I've used neither and longed for both. Joiwhip has wheat proteins, its one con for the most protein-sensitive curlies, although those who are just a bit sensitive are fine. 3-in-1 has a watersoluble cone which some will still avoid, not trusting that it'll come out. (From what I've seen, those fears are largely unfounded)

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