Really need advice/opinions

Hi ladies,

Okay, so I'll try to post some pics, but can someone tell me what they think. I've had curly hair since birth but it went from big corkscrew curls to mostly wave and frizz after having babies. Not knowing what to do, I started straightening. Two Brazillian Blowouts later, I am dying to have my old curls back. I believe I have low porosity (did the hair in the water test and it never sunk, and it takes a LONG time to get my hair wet in the shower). My hair is very thick, and course, and down to the middle of my back.

One week on CG now -- and I can't believe how much better my curl looks already but I'm really struggling with product. Right now I'm using:

1. Deva Curl No Poo
2. Deva Curl One Condish

And step three has either been:

3. AnGel OR my own homemade FSG.

The FSG is only that -- no add ins. The AnGel held better but made my hair more "gunky" producty feeling and though I had better curl hold, I still had lots of frizz.

The FSG made me have less frizz, and nice big soft curls, but they didn't hold at all - and half way through the day my curl was back to mostly wave.

I have read about some things I am considering and would LOVE some advice.

1. I could add Honey or maybe Mag Sulfate to the FSG for curl enhancement and hold.
2. I could try putting something on my hair after the FSG for more hold (though I don't know what that should be)
3. Try something new???

So I need better HOLD and better FRIZZ CONTROL and maybe some CURL ENHANCEMENT.

So confused. I do find Plopping to be very helpful (using a t-shirt) and Pixicurl Diffusing helpful too. Though I try to air dry as much as possible.

Any and all advice MUCH appreciated for a newbie to CG! Tia! Stephanie

How my hair USED to look:


How it was right before CG method:

Can't figure out what the URL is for the photos. They are in iphoto. Anyone know how to get that? The "info" button shows what I called the photo, but that's not working in the URL window. Hmmmm....

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