Curly Hair Extensions?

Well :/ I went to get my hair 'trimmed' the other day...

Trim = Cut, I guess. I got about 3 inches cut off of my curly hair !! Basically all the growth I had for the year is GONE... (sooo sad !)

I want my hair back :/ . Anyone have any information on CLIP IN Extensions ? I have 3b-3c Hair. I don't mind paying a price for quality.

Any experiences to share ? Websites ? Brands ? I don't know where to begin I did a lot of searching and have yet to find anything...

Should I be buying straight hair extensions and get them permed?
I'm even considering going to Devachan and get a consultation for extensions, there... but I'd rather not -__- lol

Help? Thanks !
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Well what ever you do make sure you get HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS. Their are a few things you can do...

1: Go to a hair store near you and have them compare the clip in extension close to the texture to your hair. Its around $70 for 1 pack with 10 clip in pieces.

2: Majority of Clip in extensions come in straight hair not really curly. You can go to the hair store and buy curly human hair "tracks" and buy the clips separately and have a stylist measure the width of your head for each track and sew the clips on.

3: You can go to a salon and get "fusions extensions" They will cut a piece of your hair and send it off so they can match the extensions to the exact same texture of you hair. This will cost around $500 but it will not damage your hair and it will last a long time.

Look up each of these options on YouTube to see which one you like best:
1: curly clip in extensions
2: how to make clip in extensions
3: fusion hair extensions

Hope this helps

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